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Since there are so many ways to fly cast, I am reluctant to make comments with the exception of one point. If you are attaining up to 90-feet, that, in itself, is great distance placing you in the upper 10 percent of fly fishers. If, however, it takes you a series of false casts to work the line to those distances, the problem probably rests in your backcast.

I consider the backcast much miore important than the forward cast. In fact, if you consider the sum of the back and forward cast to be 100, I weight the backcast as 60 to 65 percent of the total. In advanced casting, that's what I focus on. Laying out a strong straight bazkcast and then allowing your arm to drift will give you a much greater arc to pass the rod through. It's at the max speed point of the backcast (and before the drift) that I shoot line to the rear. Many times using the same follow-though I apply to the forward cast, this backhand cast becomes my final presentation. I simply turn around at end of the cast and am ready to fish. Think for a moment how useful this could be in fishing the salt...

There is also a tendency to "force" the final forward cast. (Hell, I do it all the time even though I know better.) So don't do it! And remember to aim high in your release.

I hope this helps, if not I will have to watch.

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