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Default Re: Contoversy re: egg patterns

Fanatic is right. Many people will cry about a certain fly not being "politically correct" enough for the fly rod. Yeah, right.

A glo bug or egg fly is as much a fly as many others. It is usually tied with a piece of yarn in the shape of an egg on the hook though they do come tied with a bead or hot glue. They are very effective during the spawn when you want to target the fish below the spawners who are gobbling up the stray eggs.

The san juan worm is also a very productive fly that imitates many natural insects found floating in the water column, especially during the run off when worms get drug into the stream.

I think many people think they are too easy to tie but then those same people don't say anything about a thread midge.

I use them both and like them.

If you are catching fish, then that is really why we do this, right?
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