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Question Fishing/Backpacking Trip Recommendations Needed

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and have recently begun enjoying fly fishing again after a very long time away. I hope that I have posted this question in the correct location?

Myself and a few others are planning a backpacking fishing trip in late September within a 5 hour drive from Bucks County, PA. Our initial plans have us leaning towards Shenandoah National Park in VA but no further south (due to driving time). We will be traveling on a Thursday and leaving on a Sunday to return to PA. While on our trip we are looking to hike a large loop, returning to our starting point. Our preference is to be off the beaten path and exploring some great and unfrequented fishing spots. While we are experienced campers/hikers we are all fairly new to fly fishing.

Our plan is as follows:
- Arrive on Thursday evening and hike less than 1 hour, make camp.
- Friday AM - BFast, break camp, hike a short distance to fishing (up to 1 hr), fish, have lunch, hike to second site (up to 3 hours) (also near fishing).
- Friday PM - Make camp, fish, dinner
- Saturday will be a repeat of Friday but at different locations.
- Sunday AM we will likely fish a little either near camp or on the way back to our starting point.
- Overall hike distance between 15 and 20 miles - depending on terrain.

We would be grateful for any and all:
- Recommendations
- Past experiences
- Tips
- Links to other relevant threads and/or web sites
- Maps
- Expected weather in late Sept.
- What should be running etc.
- What types of flies should we be using

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


Dave Hollander
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