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Default Grey's River, ***** Creek, Robinson Creek

This was the itinerary on a recent 3 day fishing trip up to Idaho, just thought I would report.

Grey's River was BEAUTIFUL! I had never been before. It is such a wadable river with great access and awesome scenery. I have read reports of people catching ton's on Cutt's on this river, I did not. We only fished for a few hours (2 of us) and we caught a total of 5 fish. Nice little Cutt's. We got out at about mile 24, I've heard it gets better the higher you go, especially starting around mile 30 but we were impatient. I would really like to explore this river again more I can see it becoming a favorite of mine.

***** Creek, ID is my favorite fly fishing destination on earth. I love the solitude and beauty, as well as the many beautiful Cutt's that will eat on top. We hiked down at the canyon mouth and fished up river a few miles to make it a loop and caught probably 20-25 fish. I was with two other guys who I was teaching to fish and I accounted for 2/3 of that fish count all on dries. They were taking Rubber Legged Stimi's and Parachute Adams on top. D. Ducker Specials were the flavor below that my buddies caught most of theirs on, under a foam hopper indicator. To top it off, we got the rental car high centered on the jeep roads on the way out, some guys from WY that had floated the Teton that day fortuitously were coming back to pick up their truck and they helped us out. Would have been a hike out without them! Thanks Skin! If anyone has thought about fishing this creek I can't recommend it more. Summer is obviously the best time, if you've never been, invite me and I'll show you the ropes!

We decided the next day to try Robinson Creek on a whim. We accessed it at the Rock Creek girls camp and got skunked. Beautiful creek, but that area seemed to hold little structure, maybe it's just me. Only fished for 2 hours.

Anyway, just thought people might want to hear about a fun fishing weekend.

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Oops....didn't realize it would star that out. In case anyone is wondering, then name of the place is B I T C H Creek. Just FYI.
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