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Thanks Guys!

It's gonna be nice going to the new job tommorow and working on "real" planes for a change. DC-9s, DeHavilland Twin Otters, a Lear 35, and a Gulfstream G-3. While it's older stuff, they're all really well maintained. I was talking to my old boss this weekend and he said they cut 12 of the 16 positions on our old crew. Production's been cut back from about 5 planes a week, to less than that for an entire month. Drastic doesn't even come close to describing the situation and the ones left behind are wondering how long they'll have a job. It really was a blessing to get the axe when I did, as good aviation jobs are hard to come by here.

The appointment on Friday went really well and I'm restricted to lifting about 30 pounds for the next 3 weeks and should be back to my old self after that. The timing should be about right for cooler weather and hopefully better fishing!

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