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Default 'Tooning in SW Florida?

I have a new Scadden Renegade and am looking forward to taking it to Florida during one of our upcoming trips. Starting thinking about safety--meaning things that live in the water.

I don't fish many places in Fla.:

1. 10,000 islands, out of 'Glade City. I think that's out. We've been bumped by a Hammerhead more than once in the flats boat.

2. In the Gulf off of Marco

3. Around Naples in the channels between Marco and Naples, and outside when the Wx is calm.

4. Up north, the Gulf off Destin, the bays around Crab Island, and Amelia Island area.

I have to assume any freshwater lake fishing in Florida from a 'toon is not a good idea

Any one with comments on these areas and safety along with good access points and anything, wow thanks so much.

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