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Default Re: Scents on flys

Originally Posted by chuck145
In a previous post I questioned the use of egg patterns and one of the responses was that there was no harm in using egg patterns as long as they were not dipped in salmon egg juice. Is this the same as using the Berkley line of scents and what's wrong with using the scents. My fishing is primarily catch and release; but, occasionally if my family gets a hankering for fish to eat, I will keep enough for a fish fry.

Side note: I think this is a great forum; but, I am surprised by the lack of activity. Maybe it because I have so much to learn and I am just eating this stubb up and the rest of you guys/gals are pros. If so, bear with me.
Hey there. I personally don't use scents on my flies but would have to say that if the regulations don't prohibit it, I guess there is no harm done. I don't know how I feel about it actually.

As for us being pros? Not me. Sometimes this place is poppin, other times it is dead. I would suggest having several backup sites. If you want you can p.m. me for some good sites to visit.
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