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My plan is to go with a sinking tip on a 7 weight set up eventually.I'm hoping that will get me down, remember guys I'm a newb with the fly! Thanks for all the great info!! I defenitly agree I'm running to much weight, I tried fishing all levels of the river, by the time I was hitting bottom I had 4 small split shots on my lead! Talked to a local and that was his suggestion... To answer your question it was the klamath. Also any advise for that river would be great For nyphing I went with a smaller indicator and has better casting results, I think I'm so use to Throwing little dry flies around for trout.. I noticed a few guys doing a one handed spey cast type thing, that seemed to get there heavy lines out a ways. (sorry if my terminology is off a notch) And yes I went into the Modesto fly shop this afternoon, cool dude that was glad to share all kinds of good info also. I appreciate all the info guys, I'm eager to start landing some steelies on my file set up
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