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Default Re: Great Lakes Steel On a Dry?

Originally Posted by wt bash View Post
I try from time to time but no luck yet. I've seen them wack at indies and floats so its not totally impossible, I'm guessing there has to be alot of fresh fish in one area, clear water, alot of indies going by and a dump truck load of LUCK!
That's essentially how I stumbled upon skating dries for our Summer steelhead, years ago I was float fishing and in one day I had 6 fish blow up on my drennan bobber as I was reeling it in. A couple of them actually held on to the float for a while...

So, the next day, I came back with orange skaters and rose a couple fish...

In my experience, you are spot on, you will do the best in low/clear water when fish are fresh and packed pretty good into a hole. That seems to make them more competitive, but I have gotten them to hit when they weren't quite as fresh and were loaner fish I spotted before casting to as well...

I have never been able to get anything other than our Summer fish to do it though, but haven't spent much time doing it in the Fall or Spring either...

My best day was like 4 fish boiling on the fly and landing 2, definitely not a high numbers thing, but something you will never forget...

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