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Default Re: What's it Worth?

Upon further research, I've been finding it to be in the $800. - $1500. range as more realistic.

I will say, based on the condition of this fly rod (which is really difficult to show in pics), I suspect it would be in the higher end of the value scale ($1200.ish maybe?).

I'm back and fourth as to whether I want to part with it really, because it was handed down to me by my dad. The other side of that is... I will probably never use it, as it's in fantastic condition, and my luck would be to break it or mess it up in some way to make it worthless.

In my mind I'm thinking, if I were to part with it, I could invest the money in more tackle I can use. LOL it's a quandary for sure.

Thanks Rip Tide for the input.

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