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Default Re: Sage TXL-F and opinion on action?

I agree with ddombos. No, it will not feel like a full flex 3wt. I have a TXL-F in 3wt and one it 00wt also. Just got them recently, can't tell you too much about them. I can tell you the 00 has a much softer action than the 3wt. As a general rule, they both feel soft and smooth. The 3wt is quicker, throws a super tight loop with little effort. The level of sensitivity is amazing. You feel everything and instantly. I cast the 3wt against several rods and it was a stand out.
I also have a trout bum, I have the 795. Mine is rated as full flexing 4.0, I wouldn't refer to it as full flexing though. The older unsanded models are fantastic and have deeper full flexing character (cheap also).
Having owned and fished both the Trout Bums and the TXL-F, I think you will love the TXL-F. It's not stiff by any stretch, but it is quick. Loops are straight and smooth, just a natural caster. My 3wt loves Rio Trout Lt, Sage QDT3, and SA Sharkskin lines. You can also overline and underline these rods with good results. Enjoy that new rod...

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