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Default Re: Super shallow creeks!


Joes' Hoppers #10 and tiny #16 Adams and #16 Lt Cahill.

Actually I've caught more fish with my "home made" drys!! I purchased a couple Micro-Packs by Metz from Cabelas. Only $10 and they come in size 12 to 18. These beautiful hackles are long and will make several drys from each hackle.

Sometimes I just tie the hackle to a #12 or #14 dry fly hook, and sometimes I first put on some dubbing or chennile. They float better than the store bought drys and look much better in the water! LOL

I love to tie flies and these are super cheap to make. I'm tying everything I can think of. Tiny foam body dries with drake tails. Floating foam body woolybuggers.

This keeps me busy until the creeks fill up again.

Thanks for the tip, pal

Longrods forever

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