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Default October Caddis?

I have been looking for some patterns to tie for october caddis. I've tried a couple elk hair caddis, basically an orange body with deer/elk overwing, with or without palmered hackle, and some folks here use a stimulator, but wondering about what the trout are eating.
I was up on the McKenzie (at Greenwood), and saw a number of adult caddis flying around. Didn't have a net, and they were too quick for me to catch. Big suckers, wings folded on the rock about 1 1/2 inches long. Moth or Butterfly like when flying. I gather that what is happening is the larva, having sequestered themselves in their rocky little cases for a couple months, have emerged, swum for shore or rock (pupa?), climbed out, broke out of their translucent pupa cases, fluffed their wings and are now happily flying around. What are trout eating? The pupa swimming?, stillborn/crippled adults?, or windblown adults?

I didn't get any takers last night, but they might have been distracted by the Chinook salmon that were hurling themselves in the air. Kinda hard to concentrate on tying a fly on when a 24-30 inch salmon is getting 12" of air 30 feet in front of you. Guess they were happy to be back. Didn't see any steelhead, though they are there somewhere.

Anyone have a favorite October Caddis pattern?
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