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Default Re: Thomas & Thomas horizon II & Winston B3x actions

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Sory for lack of clarity, Mojo. It was Morgan and Bracket who owned Winston together. When they sold to the current owner Tom Morgan started his own Tom Morgan Rodsmiths with his wife and Glenn Bracket stayed on to run the Bamboo shop in the old building for Winston. Ultimatly, circumstances led to Glenn, Jerry Kustach and the "Boo Boys" to depart Winston and start Sweetgrass...Tom Morgan was never a part of this new company. My central point above was graphite oriented, hence my point that Winston's graphite designer of note, Sam Druckman, left the new Winston to work with the much revered, Bracket. Now Druckman is entering into a new rodmaking venture with three other noteworthy rod men called "Freestone" and their web site should be up and running in the near future I am told. They will design and hand-build cane and carbon rods using state-of-the-art technology and artistic craftsmanship (in the USA of course).

Mojo, from your other posts I gather that you pay a lot of attention to the finer points of graphite rods, who is building them and where. Do you (or anyone else) know who has taken over for Druckman at Winston? I have a sinking suspicion they don't have a Rod Designer and are simply mutating tapers and technologies introduced by previous creative minds. I also have noted that their once vaunted tread wraps have deteriorated to "industry standard" with a single glop of viscus finish overlaping onto the blank. Winston has a great history, great facility and a great shade of green but seems unable to hold on to their best people.
I don't know who the designer is now that Sam is gone. The only new rods have been the BIIIx which I think Sam designed.
As for the bamboo rods, who in the hell would pay $2700- $3000 for a bamboo rod some gal (that had a 3 month or so apprenticeship from Brackett) made. Sweetgrass' rods are 2 grand to $2500 depending on tips. Who would you order from. The current owner Ojdenge or whatever the hell his name is, should sell Winston to someone who cares about the company. He bought ot from Morgan and Brackett in the '90's and it's gone down hill the past 5 years. It's all about the might buck.
I hope that T&T has some new owners that care so it can continue it's legacy.
Sorry for the hijack.
Now getting back to the op's original question- what exactly are you fishing for?
You've been asking questions about x vs. y rod, how a compares to b rod. So on and so on. And now this. What do you want. Very fast rod, medium fast rod, medium rod, slow. From your posts, you're into the upper end medium fast to fast.
What are you using now and do you like it. Is this a rod to take it's place or just
Another to add to your quill?
In the end it's up to you. Sorry for ranting, but we can't help without more info from you.
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