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Default Re: Had a pee-in-your-waders day yesterday!

The air would be full of bugs and fish would be rising everywhere. Then I would notice the rises had slowed and just about that time the air would become full of bugs again. That went on for 6 hours! Actually, when there were fewer bugs on the water was the easiest time to catch fish. No competition I would guess. Another thing I noticed was they were in such a frenzy they didn't much mind a line going over them or even a sloppy cast now and then.
You are correct. A good day on the river is any day you can spend there. The thing about a long string of those skunk days is you begin to wonder if the increasing pressure, lack of funding, invasive species, etc. has finally changed "flyfishing" to "fly casting"!
I took a lady flyfishing awhile ago. She loved to fly fish, but when she began catching fish, she quit. She said it was too easy and was sad about hurting the fish. Seems she liked the casting part and the scenery but actually didn't enjoy "torturing" fish! I think there may be a large number of beginners who don't have the same viewpoint as I. To me, the basic purpose of fly fishing is to catch fish. Of course that's why I don't use a spinning rod right?
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