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This makes my point!! That site doesn't even carry CPS or even St Croix!
The Sage FLi's are no longer made, so everyone has a sale on them!

I don't want to offend anyone here, but a smart shopper will go to the source and buy direct!

I know our economy is near depression, and the middleman is what small business is, but most don't like to get ripped off all the time!

For rod builders...... who can possibly compete with a huge factory in China where the young kids are paid 50 cents a hour?

And the China quality is the best in the world today! They make thousands every day, and if a young Chinese worker would ever make a bad rod....... he would be beat with a whip and maybe his fingers cut off!!

Years ago Orvis went to Korea for cheap labor. They are the best in the world now. No one can compete with that.

A service economy means we purchase from overseas, slave labor, and sell to Americans with a slight profit! The huge stores can bulk buy and sell for a slight markup. The little tackle shops can't compete.

A few years ago I thought of starting a small flyshop. Totally impossible with the global economy!

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