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Default Re: Novice Seeks Advice for Warmwater Reel

Originally Posted by flyflingerandy View Post
Ok, you have opened a huge can of worms here. If the primary use is warmwater, the absolute heaviest you should go is a 5/6. Leave the 7/8 for saltwater. Judging from your reel choices, you plan on carrying a lot of line, but I recommend the Lamson Konic 2.

For the species you are targeting, you can get by with as light as a 3wt under all conditions. Even a 2wt is not out of the question, but if this is one of your first rods, get an 8'6" 4wt with a Konic 1 and enjoy!

I am coming into this blank slate...

The reason I was going with the 7/8 was that so many of the other forums and fly fishing info pages stated 6,7 or 8 for largemouth bass... I would probably be cool with 6/7 wt. rod/reel if thats an option... In my area the average weight bass caught in daily local limits are 3-8 lbs each. Also will be fishing primarily in medium to large lakes with heavy vegatation... No typical flyfishing rivers in area (3-4 hours away)... I wanted to have a chance for whatever I may catch... Have many windy days as well... Also, I read in multiple places that 2/3 weights were for small trout... I was picking those size reels to match that weight rod... I am definitely not a know it all in this area...

Thanks in advance.

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