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Default Re: Tactics: Chumming from Boat in Blue Water

Try using the native bait fish . You don't want to feed the fish, just attract them. First, anchor over fish or structure known to hold them. Toss out some cut up bait fish and let it drift . Use a fly that imitates the bait and keep it moving at the same speed as the chum... matching the hatch.

You can use ground bait fish to make a smellier chum slick. If you grind it up you could freeze it and then put it a bucket of sea water when you want to use it and then spoon out small quantities. Some people will hang the frozen chum over the boat in a mesh bag letting the sea water and current thaw and dispense it. Once you get some fish going add in or switch to whole bait fish using a fly that imitates the bait.

Preferably, if you are going to use chum, find the fish first and then use small amounts of chum to keep them near you. Chumming "empty" water is a time commitment that may or may not work out. It's a bait fishing tactic that you then try to get the fish to take a fly. First make a practice drift before you anchor so you can see just how fast the current/tide is moving. Then anchor so your chum will go over what you want it to and start your chum slick. Have a sinking line rigged too. Sometimes the fish don't come up to the chum, but wait for the chum to come down. Remember, there are no guarantees in fishing.

Afterward, thoroughly clean your equipment. Not too many things worse than getting ground chum and fish oil all over your fly line, flies and tackle.
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