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Default Re: Pulaski Rookie visit

Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
Where to start.

well, now that salmon season is virtually over, silly season has also virtually ended.
There will still be some salmon tricking in, but i'd say its mostly steelhead fishing up there now. you might get a fresh salmon when you're there, most will be zombies if there are any left.

If you want river maps, i have PDFs I got from another forum, just shoot me a PM and i'll send them from my work computer on monday. I'd advise you to check it out, but if you ask the type of question you just asked here, i.e. saying you're a rookie, they will rip you to shreds. Some of the folks on there dont like their spots to be burned.

Most of the river has public access, and there are numerous parking facilities along the river at those spots. Standard privacy laws apply, i.e. you access the banks to the high water mark, but for the most part this will not be a problem as the practically all the banks are state owned.

There are a couple sites you can check out for local reports.
Douglaston Salmon Run
Whitakers Fly Shop
1880 House

Google these spots and you'll get decent reports for the river daily.

There's a good number of tackle shops, but if you're a fly guy like me, i'd say head to Whitakers which is just off 81 at pulaski heading east on Route 13
In Altmar, (also east of 81 on route 13) there is shop of great repute called Malindas...they have no website, but every forum or post i read recommending fly shops in that area are glowing about Malinda.
There are a couple other stores in Altmar as well.

If you have any more questions i'd be happy to help. I'm heading up there Nov 11 for the weekend. Cant wait.
I'll be in Albion, on The Oak the weekend of the 11th....hope some browns are still there!!

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