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Default Re: cheap and effective fly tying

Had a little time to kill so here is a materials list for the pattens listed in post 1.

Wooly buggers (use a peacock herl brush, 6 strands of herl, or wrapped maribou for the body),
Hook: 8 or 10 streamer hook
Thread: Black
Tail: Root beer marabou (1-2X hook length)
Body: Dark olive chenille
Weight: Lead wire (under body)
Rib: Silver wire or clear mono
Hackle: Grizzly hackle

Stillwater nymphs – Rust (olive in parenthesis)
Hook: size 12 nymph hook (2x long)
Thread: Olive (rust)
Tail: Rust Marabou (Olive Maribou)
Body: Peacock Herl 3 or 4 strands
Hackle: Grizzly (red or brown grizzly if making an olive one)

Hook: 18 - 10 Dry fly hook
Thread: brown
Body: synthetic dubbing (Fine SLF Olive or Tan)
Rib: Fine gold wire (Xsmall Ultrawire)
Wing: Elk or deer hair (I like Coastal Deer hair)
Hackle: Brown or Grizzly

birds nest (modified)
Hook: 10-16
Tail: Yellow Mallard or lemon wood duck flank
Abdomen: SLF or Possum
Thorax: SLF or Possum
Hackle: Yellow Mallard or lemon Wood duck flank
AZ Peacock Lady,
Hook: #12 nymph hook
Thread: Brown
Tail: golden phaesant or you can use an orange or red feather
Rib: none (xsmall copper wire if you want to rib it)
Body: Peacock Herl
Hackle: brown hackle at the eye, grizzly hackle at the tail (or you can palmer hackle 3 to 4 wraps the entire body).

Hook: 20 - 12 Wet-fly or Nymph
Thread: black or brown
Tail: Pheasant tail (male)
Rib: Copper wire
Body: wrapped Pheasant tail
Wingcase: Pheasant
Thorax: Hare's Ear (or SLF dubbing)
Legs: Pheasant

Griffith Gnat,
HOOK: sizes 14-22
RIB: Fine copper wire
BODY: Peacock herl
HACKLE: Grizzly, palmered

Grizzly Bivisible,
Hook - standard dry fly 10 - 14
Thread - black
Tail - brown hackle fibers
Body - brown hackle palmered-heavy
Hackle - grizzly

Hook - dry fly 2X sizes 6 - 10
Thread – burnt orange or fire-orange
Tail - elk hair with black tips
Rib - fine gold wire
Body - orange dubbing (the shinier the better) or orange antron yarn
Wings - elk hair with black tips
Head – yellow dubbing or antron
Hackle - grizzly wrapped over head section

Hook - standard dry fly sizes 12 - 20
Thread - black
Tail - grizzly hackle fibers
Body - light and dark moose mane wrapped in alternate color bands
Wings - grizzly hackle tips
Hackle - grizzly

Size 8 - 18
Fine to Medium copper wire
Peacock Herl
8/0 Brown fly tying thread

Copper John,
Hook: Tiemco 5262 sz. 10-18
Bead: Gold Bead (Cyclops or Tungsten)
Weight: Lead Wire .015
Thread: 70-Denier Ultra Thread (Black)
Tail: Brown goose biots
Abdomen: Copper Ultra Wire
Wing Case: Thin Skin covered with epoxy or SHHAN (I have used a Ziploc bag)
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Legs: Mottled brown hen neck or substitute

Grizzly Zug bug Nymph,
Hook: #10-16
Thread: Danville Black 6/0
Weighted: lead wire (or leadfree)
Body: Peacock Herl
Ribbing: Silver Tinsel
Hackle: Brown Hackle
Wingcase: Lemon Wood Duck or mallard flank, Clipped
Tail: Peacock herl or Sword Fibers

Hook: 12 - 24 dry fly hook
Thread: Black
Tail: Brown and grizzly hackle
Body: Muskrat or SLF
Hackle: Brown and grizzly Hackle
Wing: Grizzly hackle points

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