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Default How do you know you have the right line for your rod?

I bought a 10wt fly rod recently and measured it based on a rating system that supposedly indicates it's effective rod number - it registered about a 13wt instead of a 10wt. But it casts some Orvis 9wt fairly well. I picked up a bargain on some Orvis WF 11wt (looks more like clothesine rope) and although I was able to cast it, the loops seemed to "sag" towards the ground both in front and behind me with more of an arch than being straight out. And I was working hard to keep from dropping the tip.

Can I assume the line might be a bit too heavy for this rod or would it mainly be my poor casting ability? I can keep the line horizontal pretty well with lighter rods including a my 9wt. But all of those rods pretty much measure up to the exact rating that's listed for those rods - just trying to figure out if it's me, the line's too heavy for the rod, or if heavy fly line is just hard to cast to begin with? Thanks.
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