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Default Re: How do you know you have the right line for your rod?

Originally Posted by wjc View Post
PS out of curiosity, what rod and model is it?
It's a Colton Tradewinds UD82 10wt. They have a big following on the Stripers Online forum and since they were 40% off right now I thought I'd take a shot at one. It has a rather stout saltwater butt section which is what I wanted for salmon fishing here in Michigan.

Most of the fly guys on our main salmon river here seem to use 8 wts and when they hook a fish, they have to pull anchor and chase it all over the river trying to land it. I want to just sit in the boat and after I'm done playing, I want to turn them towards the boat and reel them in. I also bought their Colton Torrnet 911 fly reel - it makes my Ross Canyon 5 look like a toy!

I can't find my Umpqua fly line checker at the moment to verify the 11wt line is really 11wt but man that line looks thick!
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