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Default Re: Czech style nymphing.. What is your experience?

It's funny- back in the early nineties my friends and I would fish a couple fast deep rivers. The traditional nymph/indicator rigs lacked the weight needed to get the fly down and as the water was both deep and fast the placement of the indicator was super high- so high that you might as well use the end of the flyline....

It was at this time that I had a 10ft Sage RPL 5 wt made for nymphing and swinging flies on the White in Arkansas and I realized what a great tool this rod was for nymphing the fast waters of the Eleven Point and North Fork of the White. My friends of whom had similar rods figured out on our own that if we ditched the bobbers and used a long leader with a **** load of lead and a heavy weighted stonefly nymph we could "feel" the fly ticking the bottom and in time we could easily detect a strike. To say the least, many many fish were caught.

That doesn't change on thing though, this is a chuck and duck method of fly fishing and while it was effective it is hardly a graceful method.

These days because of the european influence we call this by a cool sounding name and shoot, companies like Sage are branding rods as "Euro" nymph rods. Im not trying to say that we have been there and done that but in a way I guess I am. In any case I can still fish this way, I just choose not to, its just not that fun.
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