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Originally Posted by mlwebb View Post
What are trout eating? The pupa swimming?, stillborn/crippled adults?, or windblown adults?
Anyone have a favorite October Caddis pattern?

There are many many good patterns for october caddis, just do a search online for them and visit some of the bigger online fly shops then search for october or giant caddis or Dicosmoecus. Places, like the fly shop THE FLY SHOP and October Caddis Hatches have some great patterns. Easy substitutes are the sofa pillow or stimulator in orange size 4-6.

The largest SRC I ever caught was on an october caddis wing-up skater tied on a size 4 long shank down-eye hook (I don't remember the exact model #/maker). Drifted it right over where I had seen the trout sipping for more than an hour as I worked my way down the pool. He ended up being 24" and a little more than 5 1/2 pounds. this was the last weekend of Septembet 2005 on the Main Fork of the Stillaguamish in Snohomish County Washington.

My absolute favorite go-to fall fly would be the tied back caddis which is an october caddis variant with a very thick wing tied back at the beginning of the hook bend. I don't know why but this profile seems to be preferred among trout of the freestone streams in western washington. There is an example of it on the page I mentioned previously.

As for pattern/timing if you are seeing adults use adult patterns, if you are seeing pupae emerging use any of the patterns and just see what works.

My favorite pupae pattern is a woven wool yarn pattern that does a great job of imitating the darker cross-hatched brown orange pattern I see a lot in Western Washington.

Good luck and enjoy, this should be the prime time for Oct. Caddis action!
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