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Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

Originally Posted by FISHN50 View Post
Thats a good tip fyshstykr. I've been using the "V" notch for a few years & it works great. I posted these before , but here they are again
Here's 2 more bobbin tips... If you get a burr in the bobbin tube & it starts to cut thread ( very frustrating) thread a peice of Kevlar Thread thru the tube, Grab both ends of the kevlar thread & spin the bobbin around the thread. It will polish the tube I.D..... For Threading the bobbin try those mono loops for pulling dental floss. You can get a lifetime supply for a few bucks in any drugstore. .. If you use Hard as Nails ...Take the little brush in the cap & either replace it with a needle for small (24's & up)flys or just cut the brush to a point to apply it as head cement. For small flies put about 1" of head cement on the thread before you wrap the head & when you wrap it it's glued together...
if the bobbin tip is not ceramic you can fix the problem without deburring by using a glass seed bead to convert it to a "ceramic equivalent". a 2.5 mm bead (bead size 8/0) is superglued around the edge. you can use a bodkin to center it and hold it in place while you carefully apply the glue and let it set. $2 buys about 1000 beads. both ends of the tube can be treated this way.

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