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Default Re: Trout and minnows

Interesting. It is just that while I was down in Colorado I did most fishing with small size 0 mepps and 4 panthers. The one lure that I found to be a great lure for both stream and pond trout (bows and browns) was the Yo-Zuri Killi fish and Goby. They are small cranks, one floats the other sinks. They got a jointed tail. The one small stream we found was easy to get 12 or so fish for each person. My best day yup there was 18 fish. These though were all 5"-15". Nothing very big. The more reading of forums and such, I see that most use nymphs, buggers, or a type of dry fly. In the end I wonder why minnow imitators donít get more publicity. Or is it that most are fishing in areas of big trout that are too wary to hit such a thing? Though larger fish are going to at some point in their life turn over to having fish in their diets if they are going to continue to grow. The few fish that donít are mainly some Carps and a few other fish that spend most of their time filter feeding, but thatís another story.
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