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Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

One thing I would like to add is this; hair. I find it much easier to use a type of hair that is easy to get and easy to tie. For the most part I use hair from my cat. Yes I did say cat hair. Her color comes out very close to that of a grub, larva, or nymph of a lot of larva. That off cream color. It kinda sound a bity off but I get a ton of fur this way. It works great for dubing. Second I recycle left over stuffs. Often I tie with marabou. I take bits that are left over from tieing and pile it up. Makes some intresting color patterns and streamers out of it. Lastly dont over look the possible things that you can find at places like WalMart or any kind of craft store. Not much can be found but then again what you might find could be the thing your looking for. I've found stuffs there that make some great looking adult bugs like moths and beatles.
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