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Thank you for the info Mrfzx.

Since I make my own Spectra to flouro knotless leaders I plan on using that thus eliminating the mono to flouro connection. I am not sure if I will need
a short Butt section to turn the fly over as right now my Gusa rod is a beast and is designed for Lobbing (One back and One forward cast) heavy shooting heads such as 750 grain line. I have Teeny line on it now in 450 - 750 grain however the big line is what is best for this rod. I am looking for another rod with a better blend of loading ability and fighting ability. I have not seen or played with the Helios 14 wt, Sage Cross Current or others so I am very open for suggestions. Thank you for your help.


Originally Posted by mrfzx View Post
Big blue water tuna, yellowfin or blue, (fish over 100 pounds) is high on my bucket list. I put together a rig last year for Alaskan Halibut on the fly, but unfortunately it didn't pan out. This summer the guide says we'll try harder. I matched a TFO Heavy Duty Blue Water Rod, which is rated up to 16 weight, with a TFO 425 Large Arbor reel. For fly line I spooled an Orvis Gen 3 WF-15-SV line, and wound on 300 yards of 50 pound Power Pro gel spun backing. For leaders I took a page from my father-in-laws Costa Rican tarpon experience. 4 foot of 40 pound Fluoro looped to a bimini twist of the same weight line looped to a 30 inch 50 pound fluoro tippet. Total leader length is 8 1/2 feet.
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