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Thank you guys for the info. I have been phoning almost everyone in the industry for advice. I have had nothing but positive comments with everyone adding in great advice. This is something not really done out here so I think I might now remember what it is like to be a virgin....LOL. A lot of excitement, a bit of trepidation and a whole lot to learn. However, once I get it I plan on not letting go. And just like a virgin I many go skinnier rather than fatter just to keep up appearances.......I mean a 14 wt. vs. a 16 wt. ... What were you guys thinking...... as far as the rod size goes....LOL Please keep the comments and advice flowing.


Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
The shop that I used to work at had a new Sage Xi2 1480-4 on clearance. It was there when I visited the shop last week. That would be a good rod for your purpose. Match it up with a Scientific Anglers Mastery Billfish WF15F.

If you are casting into a feeding frenzy, try fishing a pattern that resembles a mangled baitfish. Fly H20 has a "Cut Bait" pattern. It looks like an injured fish with guts hanging out.

Otherwise throw out some patterns that look like the local baitfish. Make sure that they are tied onto stout hooks. Some of the Mike Robrahn patterns tied by Rainy's are great producers.

For information on the rod, call 916-722-1055.

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