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I have had others, including Conway Bowman, talk to me about wire. I am not convinced it is necessary if you tie your flies onto a quality circle hook unless you are targeting Shark or Wahoo. Again, I may learn differently in the trenches but we will see. I always carry wire with me and can make up some leaders if I feel that is the ticket but as of now I do not think it will be required.

Basil of BHP tackle, who makes premade wind on knotless leaders, sent me an even better link to a capt. who also does what I have been describing with his fly lines using hollow spectra to capture and cuff the fly line. I do this on both ends of the fly line but use a piece of spectra with a premade loop rather than do it after the fact or splice into the backing. By using a
loop to loop connection, contrary to the Captains explanation, by merely pulling on each side of a loop to loop connection on the main line you can get the connection to pop and release making the change out of fly lines very simple and quick. Anyway, it is worth checking this out for those who are chasing some serious fish.

As a note, I have extensively tested peoples knots which they thought were very strong. Very rarely have I seen most folks ever get more than 70% of their line strength using a bimini or albright knot with most getting about 50% of line strength using a straight pull. It is worse when I tested using a snapping type motion but that is to be expected. These knotless leaders provide a 100% strength connection when done Spectra to Spectra or inserted appropriate sized mono or flouro into the hollow Spectra and served per the provided pictures. I will test at some point how they work over a fly line but for now I know this technique blows away either a nail knot, bimini, albright or ??? and is a smooth transition through the guides.

I have presented to Basil the concept of creating a knotless connection for 16 and 20 pound tippet for IGFA work but I am not sure a straight length of
tippet can be held by the present hollow lines as generally we use no less than 30 pound mono or flouro HOWEVER I am going to read up on IGFA rules at some point and chat with the leader guys to see if we can create a tapered leader which can be held at 30 pound test diameter through the spectra and tapers down to the appropriate tippet size without adding a knot which I expect will meet IGFA rules but again I have not read up on them as of yet.


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I had my father-in-law call one of his friends down Costa Rica that do some pelagic fly fishing, (JB's Charter Service) and they highly reccommend a bite tippet of some type of wire when fishing for toothy critters. They like red coated braided wire, 12 to 16 inches in length. I am told they put a crimped loop on both ends, and use the loop to attach the fly and leader respectively.
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