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There are two easy ways to target carp both depend on region and regulations.

1st: Maulberry trees, this is probably the easiest tactic... get a maulberry fly weighted so it sinks (do not use splitshot to sink it). Position yourself so you can cast under the tree, you do not have to cast delicately like in other senerios because the kerplunk sound your fly makes actually attracts the carp and they tend not to hit the ones that do not make that sound.

2nd: Chumming... its illegal here in Colorado but in other states where it is allowed you can get the carp tuned in on a certain bait, over seas they will chum a lake for a week or so with the boilies they are going to use then the carp start eating them and it is easier to catch them... same tactic wad bread up into little balls and toss them into a certain area of the lake for a couple days. Then on the day you are going to fish it tie on a yarn egg pattern that matches the bread (unweighted) cast it out and they will mouth it thinking its bread.

If neither of these options are available to you, match seed hatches like cottonwoods or berry trees.
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