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Default Re: Question about Rio Outbound Integretted Shooting Taper line

Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
Without knowing what brand of line and configuration you are currently using it's difficult to know if the front 30' feet is the same weight although I would say they are probably reasonably close.
If you know what type it is then I would recommend going to the RIO site and this brands site and compare taper configuration and weights.

You should have no issues keeping 30' or more in the air.
I've verified my WF10F is right at the 280 grains it's suppose to be. I was able to find on the RIO site that their WF10F/I Integretted Tapered Head is listed at 425 grains - I would assume that would be the first 30' as well. That's a hair over 50% heavier so I'm not sure how that would false cast . . .
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