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Default Re: Why kill them???

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Twin Cities people (not all but most) seem to have the idea somebody else is responsible for taking the trash from where they drop it to the trash can.
I can't tell you how many times around here my fishing trips turn into garbage collection trips with fishing on the side. Pisses me off.

I took so long writting this 2 people posted while I was doing it. #3 reminds me of a story a guy from a state I won't name said. He was seriously ticked off we had reduced the limit on Pike from 6 to 3 and put a protected slot of 30 to 40 inches on them. He then tells me he had come up here and kept 6 Pike one time that had a combined weight of 126 pounds. That's a 21 pound average. I asked why he would want 6 fish that big. He replied "Fertilized my garden."
Did he at all consider that perhaps people like him are the reason those regulations are put in place?
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