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Default Re: casting techniques

Silver Creek:

I have tried that but i always screw that up, always on the back cast, but i can always shoot line on the forward cast. However, most of the time when I shoot line my line near my feet always finds something to wrap around. That is so annoying. You have a great cast and when you shoot it stops after 5 feet of line is out because it got stuck on your foot or a twig.

I also have tried double hauling but I need more practice on it. My only problem with double hauling is my backcast. When I do my backcast, I always end up with a bunch of slack between my hand and the first ring. And yes i know you should bring your hand up but on rare occasions I get it and I know that feeling of the line pulling behind you. So im thinking maybe its because I am hauling to early on my back cast.

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