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Default Tulum Mexico Flyfishing

I am hosting a one month Winter Tropical Flyfishing Expedition starting Dec 15th 2011 till Jan15th 2012, in Tulum Mexico. There are some amazing spots to fish, from beach, points, canals, and kayak flyfishing, very effective trolling as well! In between Tulum and Punta Allen, there are some Primo spots to throw some line...if you know what Mangrove Trail to take!
I do independent guiding in this area when I can, and this next month (Mid Dec to Mid Jan) is my time to get to what's good, some Bones and all the other fish that lurk the tropical waters, following a baitfish or epoxy fly.
I love this area, so let me know if you have any questions regarding transportation, lodging, etc.

So if you don't want to throw down $700/day, but still want to slam some fish, get in touch with me and we will discuss all the details.
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