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Default Re: Great Lakes Steelhead tips

Two years...hmmmm. Sounds like you're fishing over their heads. I've seen steelhead caught on muddlers, streamers, egg patterns, spoons and plugs, jigs and maggots, woolybuggers and a couple of em hit my shiner imitation but I didn't hook any yet. The Rocky River (Cleveland) Steelhead are hitting everything this Fall. It's been crazy so far. My only comments would be to make sure you are getting down and I mean drag the bottom down so you're bumping the bottom. Rule of thumb: Faster water, heavier weight be it split shot or weighted flies. Second, mix it up, try eggs, wooly buggers, streamers and bead heads in different colors. I find myself getting stuck fishing the same fly in the same spot for 2 plus hours. If the Steelhead didn't hit it the first 20 casts chances are they're not going to hit it the next 20. Third, watch your speed...remember the lower river current is much slower than the top water. Keep your line and/or strike indicator from yanking your fly. You have to keep the speed relative to the water flow. Steelhead are smart this way. Smarter than me for that matter! Good luck and let me know when you get one.

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