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Originally Posted by Walter1023 View Post
When I'm relegated to casting weight because fish refuse to show themselves on the surface I often just attach a few split shots to a CDC dry....attach a trailer .....and swing them - strip them - jiggle them just like a streamer and its a very open cast style. For instance on my forward cast I almost make a point to have my rod tip touch the surface of the water - and I've not really had problems at all. Its funny because last week I was on the farmington river engaged in chucking lead......a kayaker and his wife were coming downstream and the gentleman advised me I should stop my forward cast when the tip if high (he must have saw me from far away) I thanked him but said I can't really do that as I'm casting alot of weight...and he looked a little mystified. Interestingly 5 hours later before i left I was in a larger pool casting dries toward a few risers....and a guy on the bank complimented me on how good he thought my casting was. moral of the story...if anyone compliments you on how graceful you look when casting a weighted rig you're porbably doing it wrong
Thanks, I found with a lot of weight my rod tip almost touches the water also. Yeah I might be using too much weight, I found in some sections it was the only way to drop my flie to the right depth
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