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Originally Posted by Red Owl View Post
Anyone fly fish for shad on the St. John's River in Florida? What would be some of the basics, such as time of year, locations, fish from boats or shore, flies, leader strength and length. Thanks.
I fish for American shad in the Delaware River, but what I hear from those I know who fish them in Florida the game is pretty much the same.

6 or 7 weight rod, sink tip lines, leaders in the 4 to 6 foot range down to 8 or 6 lb test (2 or 3X). Fly wise would be an assortment of size 4, 6 & 8 Crazy Charlies, Clousers (short), chenille on a hook with a marabou tail and barbel head and any other bright fly in the right size tied with an upturned hook. Colors range from from white to black and any combination in between. Some of my favorites are pearl white, orange and white, chartreuse and white, green and white, blue, copper, silver, and red and white.

As far as time of year, in the north they run from late March to early June. I'd guess it could be earlier in Florida. Check locally for the most accurate information. These guys should be able to give you the timing info. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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