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Default Re: deceiver patterns


Big Eye Tinker Mackeral

Hook: Daiichi #2546 3/0
Thread: Danville 210 white
Material: EP Fibers; Chartreuse 3D, Olive, Red and White
Flash: Rootbeer KrystalFlash
Eyes: Molded 3D size 7
Stripes: Sharpie

1. Start your thread on the hook shank above the point, tie in a 1" piece of red fibers (a pinch) so it angles down over the hook point. Trim this even with the point. This red will be the gills

2. Start on top of the hook in the same spot with a piece of chartreuse, this piece should be about a 1/3" thick. If you first tie this fly and it comes out real bulky, thin out the thickness of the clumps you use off the hank. Don't worry you'll soon get used to pulling the right amount off to use. Tie it in and leave about 5 1/2" hanging off the back end. This will make the overall length of the fly about 6".

3. If you use a rotary vise, flip it over and tie in an equal length piece of white fibers to the bottom of the hook. Take a bodkin, scissors or whatever and split the fibers so there is equal amounts on either side of the hook. Stroke them back so it somewhat mixes with the char.

4. Now, take a piece of krystal flash and tie one piece in on the top and bottom.

5. Take another piece of chartreuse and tie it in front of the other piece, only this time the piece should be about 4" long. Do the same with the white on the bottom side.

6. Add another piece of krystal flash on the top and bottom.

7. At this point you should have what looks like a slight taper of material at the back of the hook shank and you should have about half of the shank left.

8. Take a piece of Olive fibers and lay that on top of the chartreuse. This piece should be about 3 inches long. Continue with white on the bottom of the hook.

9. Add a piece of krystal flash on the top and bottom.

10. Continue the shortening of material and stacking process with olive on top and white on bottom until you have about an eye length of shank left. Now you should see a rough taper and fishy shape to the fly. Note the sides of the hook should be showing.

11. Now take another piece of white that is the entire length of the fly and tie it in on either side to cover up your thread wraps. You can use a slightly different color than white, say polar bear or even a light pink. This will give the fly a distinct lateral line. The possibilities are endless. Whip finish, 2 times for added durability and cast off.

12. Take the fly out of the vise. Using an ordinary fine tooth comb, comb it all together and then trim it to the shape you want it to be, follow the taper and round out the head. Note, it is easier to trim from front to back. It takes a little getting used to but once you get it you'll see why.

13. Now, mix up some 5 minute epoxy and put a dab on either side for the eyes. I like using Molded 3D eyes in a size 7, I think it's about 3/8". If you want to make this fly a definate working fly, coat the eyes and the head of the fly with the epoxy. It won't really mess up the overall look of the fly, it will just make it harder for the blues to rip them off. Though, they will still rip them off.

14. Mark the top of the fly with a black permanent marker to give it the tiger stripes.

15. I hope this makes sense. Good luck with it and if anybody has questions, feel free to ask. I'm sure that this will insult some of you guys' intelligence but I want to let every one know that these are killer flies! Tight Lines!
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