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Default Re: A switch outfit for trout?

Glad it's working so well for you.

I've mentioned my light switch rod on a few other boards, and the consensus is "why bother" - some just don't get it, others seem to take the tack that steelhead are the only fish worth using double handed rods for. Whatever.

The trout rods are a great way to learn the double handed casts for those of us who don't devote all our fishing efforts to steelhead.

Congrats on getting so many hawgs and the straightened hook. I'd be tempted to step up to higher test fluorocarbon leaders/tippets at that point. I saw some very low diameter, high strength fluoro at the fly shop a while back - but it was $20 for a 30 yard spool of the stuff. That's a bit too expensive for my taste, but 12lb, 5x leader was a neat idea.
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