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Default Re: Float Tubes - The Good, Bad, and Ugly

If you have to pee and you are out in a float tube you have choices: 1) hold it and kick in (sucks if it s a long kick or you drank a lot of coffee that morning) or 2) do what NASA astronauts do--wear high absorbency adult diapers and drink all the liquids you what and fish on.

Like most people, I cringed when I first heard about people using them, but after hearing NASA astronauts use them for similar reasons and trying it, I realized its all perception and its about fishing time and convenience. I don't use them all the time--only when I know I'll be out more than 3-4 hours or if it is over a half and hour kick like Crowley Lake in the Eastern Sierra because every bathroom break takes over an hour of prime fishing time--and you usually get the urge just when the bite is on. Some people just cannot get themselves to use them and hold it and suffer or miss good fishing time--whatever. My mission is fishing and I use the equipment necessary to maximize success.
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