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Default Re: A switch outfit for trout?

Originally Posted by wypatch View Post
A lot of the breakoffs I had were my fault, I learned not to have the rod tip low and a tight grip on the line and moved up to 1x flouro. I dont see how anybody could look down at spey casting for trout. I dont see the SH guys fishing the "other" bank w/ a nymph or watching a 28" trout shoot four feet in the air. I`m just a few years into fly fishing, spey for almost one, and over thirty years chuck`in spinners. I`ve never hooked so many BIG trout till I got this switch rod. Today I had a bow come off right next to me on the bank that was over 28", landed one just under 24", 20" brown and a few under 20. All of them casting a snap T w/ my 450gr switch skagit head and a real big bug across the river.
It's not so much single-handed snobbery - rather, at least here in Oregon, it seems that some anglers feel that spey/switch rods are the sole domain of steelhead, and can't fathom why someone would want to use a lighter version of that tackle for trouting. I get "whats the point" a lot - and even giving valid reasons, they just don't seem to "get" it. Then again - there's a group of anglers that don't understand why anyone would want to fish for trout when you can fish for salmon or steelhead, or why you'd want to fish for panfish and bass when you could fish for trout. There's an even larger group that doesn't understand why anyone would want to fish for carp - at least with any tackle short of a howitzer.
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