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Default Re: Weight Placement for Nymphing

Other than fishing the bounce rig, I too like the weight to be above the first fly and not between the two flies. Another bad thing about putting it between the two flies is that it seems to get tangled up a lot worse when the weight is in that position.

By the way, I don't tie a separate piece of tippet off the bend of the first fly's hook. What I do is take a single length of tippet, 18-24 inches long, tie it to my leader. Then I tie the first fly with a palomar knot so that it's 6-8 inches below the leader/tippet connection. The rest of the tippet is simply a long tag end of the palomar knot hanging off the first fly, and I tie the second fly onto the end of that tag end. Then I place my split shot just above the knot connecting leader to tippet, which keeps the weight from sliding down to the first fly. Quicker and easier than tying the separate piece of tippet to the hook bend (one less knot to tie). Some people say that having the tag end coming off the eye of the first fly instead of the hook bend inhibits the drift of the first fly, but I catch plenty of fish on the first fly with my rig. You might want to try it and see if it works for you.
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