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Dear Vainius,

I am sorry to hear you’ve developed such a severe allergy to our store, that sounds kind of painful! And since I don’t agree with your recounting of the facts I would like to give what others have asked for, the other side of the story:

You purchased this rod from us on the 8th and we shipped it out that day. The next day, before you’d even received the rod, you called us to tell us that you’d found it cheaper at another online store and wanted to return it. We advised you to refuse shipment of the rod, and agreed to refund your money once we’d received the rod and verified it was in the same perfect condition in which we’d sent it to you. Shipping being what it is, it took some time for the rod to get back to us. Happily it was in good condition and we were able to issue your refund.

Here’s the thing, I personally refunded your money over PayPal that day. It didn’t go through and the only reason I can find to explain why is that you’d filed a claim and PayPal was holding the money pending an outcome. As you know, you have since received everything you were due.

We understand that customers have a lot of choices for their fly fishing shopping and we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers. This is why we pay for shipping and return shipping. And as I stated in my refund message to you, which you did not feel fit to share with this audience, it was never our intention to delay your refund in any way.

My very best of luck to you in the future.

Tight Lines,

Karen Carbonnet
Co-Owner, California Fly Shop