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Default more online purchasing woes

i will attempt to keep retailer names out of this one.

Incident 1:
i recently purchased a rod and a rod tube from Company A via their online store. the transaction was smooth, so i decided to pick up a second, identical rod tube, from the same company. i received the rod tube today, and it's completely not what i ordered. honest mistake, it happens, no big deal, right? i emailed Company A about the mix up and asked how i needed to proceed to exchange the received tube for the one on my receipt. my order was for a TFO rod tube but an off-brand rod tube was shipped instead. i received a response shortly after which made me a little uneasy. this Company A representative that responded to my email stated that they sell the off-brand rod tube under the TFO name. it's holds absolutely no resemblance to the tube i ordered. it's not even of decent quality. that email did state to ship the tube back so it can be exchanged for a triangular rod tube. i've responded asking for a return shipping label to ship this rod tube back and am awaiting a response.

so, it would seem, it is common practice to ship off-brand rod tubes to people who order a specific brand from Company A. is this a wrong conclusion to draw? how would you react in this situation?

Incident 2:
i purchased an item from Company B that i needed to return. i paid the return shipping and received a refund for the full amount except for $10, which was stated to be the shipping charges of the initial shipment. their policy clearly states that shipping charges are not refunded. all good right? here's the kicker, i never paid for shipping; the purchase included free shipping and there were no shipping or handling charges on my receipt. how am i liable for shipping when shipping was never included in the sale? let's flip this around: if i received a free gift with my order, and decided to return the order do i have the right to keep the free gift? what are your thought on this scenario?

in the end, Company B did refund the $10, but am i wrong for thinking that since no shipping charges were on the invoice, Company B shouldn't choose some arbitrary amount to withhold? perhaps a restocking fee would be more appropriate?
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