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Default Re: I ordered my blank -

Hi Frank
I've been building rods for about 4 years. I personally prefer to using a spiral wrap over a conventional wrap for casting . Also I prefer splitting my grips and my reel seats to lighten the rod.I have built on Loomis ,Batson ,Allstar[my favorite bland] and several other brands. But I haven't a clue on where to start on fly rods . In fact , up until 3 weeks ago it never entered my mind. I feel that If I can get a guide spacing chart with the correct sized guides [snake or conventional] I can build a pretty good rod..I don't consider myself a pro builder I just build for myself or friends.I have never sold one or charged for repairing a broken rod .More of a time passing hobby than anything.
The information that the members of this forum have given me is a real asset to my continuing fly fishing education.
Thanks for your help
Ken Blevins
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