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Default Re: Woe to Ye Who Tread the Warm Waters

I've had water snakes come up to me all the time while fishing. We don't have any poisonous water snakes around here that I know of. People I fished with went into a panic before if one came into a 3 foot radius of them. I've had them come up and take a whiff of me and simply turn away. Perhaps that stinky Maumee River water got to them...Hahahaha. I had one who was trying to get a little too friendly and rubbed against my leg. I simply nudged him away. No harm done. It was kinda neat because he was my "fishing buddy" for the day and followed me around. I never had an issue with them. I owned several snakes and despite their awful reputation, they do make nice pets if you treat them well.

However, other animals have not been as nice. I was wading chest deep before and had a ticked off snapper come after me. That definitely got me moving really fast. I've been chased off by a beaver as well. I've gotten chased/attacked by geese too. I have more problems being outside in general with bees and wasps though. I'm allergic to them and they ALWAYS come to me. Doesn't matter how calm I am or anything.
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