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Default Re: Replacement reel seat

Hi Reckless!
Like Eric said, check with the company in question about the warranty. If you want to replace the reel seat, the easiest way to remove the old one is to boil a pot of water, dip the butt end of the rod for a couple of minutes. be sure to cover the entire reel seat so all the glue warms up. Put on some heavy working gloves and try to pull the reel seat off the butt end. If it sits to hard put it in the water again.
DON´T twist (I did that once and twisted the blank off). If there is a fighting butt attached to the rod, strip it off first.
When you´ve removed the reel seat scrape off as much of the remaining glue as possible. put paper tape on the blank so the reel seat almost fits (1 mm space maximum) to centre it. Mix epoxy (not 5-minute) and glue the reel seat on. Have some acetone ready to wipe off any unwanted epoxy.
Put the rod so the reel seat doesn´t twist while the epoxy sets.

Good luck!
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