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Default Re: Woe to Ye Who Tread the Warm Waters

Lots of problems with geese, especially in the spring when they have their goslings, but the most freaked out I have ever been while wading warm water was an encounter with the fish that I was targeting.

I was wading some flats out in front of my families cabin in Door County, looking for some tailing or rooting carp, but being very new to that type of fishing, my eyes werent quite accustomed to spotting carp that blend in almost perfectly with the bottom. Well I was slowly creeping along, trying to spot something, and I must have been very quiet, because I almost stepped on a sleeping giant. Now if any of you have any experience with Door County carp, you know that they can be massive, and this one was no exception. It darted right through my legs, almost knocking me over, scaring me half to death, I almost pissed myself.

Needless to say I was a bit more careful after that and tended to spot a lot more carp.

Other than that, I havent really had any problems with snakes, but muskrats do scare the hell out of me as well. No gators up here thankfully or that would be a whole other story.
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