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Default Re: Most embarrassing moments?

Last winter I decided to give the warmwater discharge from an electric generating station into the Ohio river a try. It was well below freezing - air temperature in the teens.
I wore hip boots and planned to do only shallow wading since I was alone.
When I got there I found several bait fishermen along the bank of the creek the warmwater discharges into so I went downstream of the creek to the main river.
Took the 9'5" Sage 8wt and waded out to where the water was thigh deep.
I was on a sand bottom and never thought of the occasional "pocket" of mud that is often found on the bottom. There will be sand, then suddenly you'll be in sticky clay soil mud. I stood and made a few casts, then decided to move downstream. My left foot made a step, but my right foot was mired in mud.
Lost my balance, staggered and sloshed around, filled my right boot with water (nice warm water), and finally pulled my foot free. Made my way to the bank, ignored the looks and laughter from the others that had witnessed my performance, and headed for my truck without looking back.
It's a long walk to the truck and I had very cold water in the boot and a few patches of ice on my clothes by the time I got to the truck.

Not promising I won't repeat the performance this winter, but you can bet I'll double check and make sure the spare change of clothes I usually keep in the truck are there before I go wading again. I had cleaned out the truck after deer season ended and had taken the bag with the spare clothing out from behind the seat a few weeks before the urge to go fishing hit.
A 20 mile drive in wet pants is memorable.
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